Eugene Schwartz Notes from Breakthrough Advertising

by Antonio Miranda
System Seminar graduate

Copy cannot create desire for a product/service. It can only take the hopes, dreams, fears and desires that already exist in the hearts of millions of people, and focus those already-existing desires onto a particular product.

Very Important: Copy writer should not create mass desire, but should channel and direct it.

Definition of Mass Desire: It's the public spread of a private want.

When is a market born?

It's the moment when a private desire is shared by a statistically significant number of people, large enough to profitably repay selling these people.

Example of markets:

Small (thousands): urge to own antiques.

Large (millions): desire to lose weight.

What is the Amplification Effect of Successful Advertising?

When you are certain that you can direct (or channel) a mass desire towards a product and for every $1 spent you can have$50 or even $100 in sales.

What are these nation-wide forces that create this mass desire?

The fall into 2 categories:

1. Permanent Forces
2. The Forces of Change

1. Permanent Forces

Example: Mass instinct. The desire of women to be attractive, or men to be virile. Or yet, men and women to keep their health.

How to Channel Mass Desire onto your Particular Product/Service:

You should these 3 tools:

Knowledge of People's:

1. Hopes
2. Dreams
3. Desires and emotions

You should perform your work in 3 stages.

1. Choose the most powerful desire that can be applied to your product.
2. Acknowledge that desire--reinforce it--and/or offer the means to satisfy it--in a single statement in the headline of your ad.
3. And then you take the series of performances that are built into your product--what your product does--and you show your prospect how these product performances inevitably satisfy that desire.

Every Mass desire has three dimensions:

1st Dimension: Urgency, intensity, degree of demand to be satisfied.

Example: Asthritic pain compared to minor headache

2nd Dimension: Degree of repetition, inability to be satiated.

Example: raw hunger to craving gourmet food.

3rd Dimension: Scope.

Example: Number of people who share this desire.

The biggest secret to write the right headline. Every product appeals to 3 or 4 mass desires. You must choose the right one, the most predominant one. You choose the wrong one and your ad will fail.